467 2K Wet on wet primer (non sanding) 5:1

  • Can be overcoated after only 15 minutes drying time at 20°C
  • Provides universal adhesion
  • Directly applicable on steel, iron, aluminium and galvanized substrates as well as on commonly used plastics in the automotive industry (e.g. PP-EPDM, ABS, PC, ABS-PC, PUR, PVC, GRP)
Name Colour Packing Article Package
Wet on wet primer light grey 1 L 14671 6
Hardener   0,2 L 12884 12


application/pdf 14671 SDS 2K Wet on wet primer_GB.pdf (524.6 kB)

application/pdf 14671 TDS 2K Wet on wet primer_GB.pdf (318.8 kB)