751/752/753 Polyurethane car body sealant

  • Can be used to attach lightweight car parts like cover plates, gaskets, trims, reflectors etc.
  • Used to fill up welding joints of car body elements
  • Possesses high adhesive properties to untreated surfaces
  • May be re-sprayed with all lacquer systems
  • Possesses high elasticity
  • Does not crack
  • Available in three colours: white, black and grey
Name Color Packing Article Package
Sealant white 310 ml 37531 12
Sealant grey 310 ml 37521 12
Sealant black 310 ml 37511 12


application/pdf 37511-37531 SDS Polyurethane car body sealant_GB.pdf (671.2 kB)

application/pdf 37511-37531 TDS Polyurethane car body sealant_GB.pdf (421.4 kB)