Paint for Fabrics and Carpets

  • High-quality acrylic coat
  • Simple spray application
  • Easy restoration of worn out spots on textile car mats, carpets and convertible roofs
  • Hides stains and worn out spots
Name Color Packing Article Package
Paint for fabrics and carpets black 400 ml 26802 6
Paint for fabrics and carpets anthracite 400 ml 26812 6


application/pdf 26802 SDS Aerosol Paint for Fabrics&Carpets BLACK_GB.pdf (642.2 kB)

application/pdf 26802,26812 TDS Paint for fabrics&carpets_GB.pdf (224.5 kB)

application/pdf 26812 SDS Aerosol Paint for fabrics&carpets ANTHRACITE_GB.pdf (314.9 kB)