New product line- Abrasives


We are proud to present our new Abrasive Line with two new products: CERAMIC POWER DISCS 15H and SOFT ABRASIVE ROLL.

CERAMIC POWER DISCS 15H are premium abrasive discs for multipurpose sanding. Innovative shaped ceramic particles, combined with aluminum oxide on a flexible paper backing, give this product efficiency and speed never seen before. The shaped ceramic particle technology prevents clogging and gives the ceramic power discs a longer lifetime, as the particles stay sharp for longer. Thanks to the multi-hole pattern, this product has excellent dust extraction and a homogeneous finish without comparison. CERAMIC POWER DISC 15H comes in 14 grit grades, ranging from P60 to P1000.

Our second new product is the SOFT ABRASIVE ROLL. With its flexible backing, this abrasive has been developed for hand sanding irregular, contoured surfaces, and small, hard-to-reach parts. It is ideal for the automotive sector. The special stearate coating process prevents clogging and makes it suitable for dry sanding. The roles are pre-cut for easy use and the SOFT ABRASIVE ROLLS come in 10 grit grades, ranging from P150 to P1000.

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