1K Wash/Etch Primer in a new olive-green colour


Enhance your painting projects with our 1K Wash/Etch Primer, now available in olive green (Art.No: 26023). This primer boasts excellent adhesive properties, especially on polished metals like steel plates. Active rust protection pigments ensure optimal corrosion protection, making it ideal for various applications, including spot repairs and refinishing parts.

Key features:

✨ 1K Acid Primer, Welder Primer
✨ Suitable for spot repairs and refinishing parts
✨ Simple, time-saving application
✨ Excellent corrosion protection

For optimal results on metal substrates, use it in combination with our Silicone remover spray for thorough precleaning. This 1K Acid Primer creates a strong, durable foundation for subsequent layers such as our 2K Primers. Excellent for spot repairs or priming new metal parts.

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