New product - CERAMIC SHIELD 9H


We’ve never had anything like this before — Chamäleon Ceramic Shield 9H (Art. 49761)!

What’s our new product for?

Your car is constantly being exposed to environmental and mechanical influences such as chemicals, gravel, sand, dust and UV radiation which all negatively impact the paintwork. These damages can be repaired with a professional abrasive polish, but the original coating is not infinite. To protect the paintwork on your car, we’ve developed Chamäleon Ceramic Shield 9H Protective Coating which offers a durable and long-lasting protection (up to several years) for your car. The hardness of the coating is 9H.

As we said before, Ceramic Shield 9H:

— Protects car paintwork against chemical reagents, mechanical damage and UV radiation.

— Effectively reduces the appearance of minor paint defects (holograms, cobwebs, etc.).

— The coating has a long-lasting hydrophobic effect which leaves the bodywork less dirty and easier to wash. When it rains it even has a self-cleaning effect.

— Provides the coating with unsurpassed smoothness, preservation of richness and depth of colour.