New masking tapes


We are proud to present our new masking tapes. We have improved these products and their quality.

The new tapes will come on 50 m rolls. So, you get 5 m more for the same price!

Our new masking tapes can be ordered as of now.

48112 - 18mm*50m - beige

48122 - 24mm*50m - beige

48142 - 36mm*50m - beige

48152 - 48mm*50m – beige

48212 - 18mm*50m - brown

48222 - 24mm*50m - brown

48242 - 36mm*50m - brown

48252 - 48mm*50m – brown


!! NEW !! There will also be a new premium tape which is water- and UV-resistant and which will be launched in yellow color.

Article: 48261 - 18mm*50m - yellow

Article: 48263 - 36mm*50m – yellow

This high temperature masking tape is characterized by a water-proof crepe paper backing and a solvent borne rubber resin adhesive. Superb resistance to moisture, water- and solvent based paints, and to high temperatures. Designed for wet sanding & spray-painting with most common paints and lacquers. The special colour improves visibility during spray-painting and helps to easily remove all the tape. Temperature resistance up to 90ºC/194ºF for 60 min. Suitable for short- term outdoor masking operation with clean removal within 3 days.