New aerosol holders


2K clear coat, filling primers, multi-fill primer, primers for plastic or aluminium, structure spray, underbody protection and over 20 other products in our range proof: professional car repair is not only possible with aerosols but makes it more economical and a lot faster than conventional repairs. And now we have a solution for storing and carrying your aerosols.

Plastic aerosol holder (Art. 91345) and Metal aerosol holder (Art. 91347) are perfect in different settings:

Professional workshops and service centres: convenience and easy access to essential products when working with aerosols.
Artists and craftsmen: an ideal solution for storing and transporting paints, clear coats, and other aerosol materials.
Stores and showrooms: arrange impressive displays of chamäleon aerosols in stylish holders, making the space more convenient and attractive for your customers.
Home storage: organize space in your garage or storeroom, ensuring your aerosols are always orderly and within easy reach.


• Space organization;
• Durable materials;
• Easy access;
• Stylish design.